Needed in Tennessee: An Early Reading Revolution

Reading instruction that is effective with 90% of students has been available for 40 years but is not widely taught in schools of education–a very unfortunate but not atypical case of institutional inertia.  Known effective practices often take decades to become widely adopted.  For example, it took nearly 50 years for the British Navy to provision ships with limes despite massive losses of sailors to scurvy and the availability of a known cure!  Read more here

The What & the Why of Tennessee’s Success

  Tennessee Schools Recognized for Fastest Gains Among the States – But Why? November 2013, the US Department of Education released the latest results from its National Assessment of Education Progress (i.e. “The Nation’s Report Card”) and revealed that Tennessee was the only state to post improvements in both math and reading at both fourth and eighth grades, adding a total of 22 points across the four assessments to their scores. This was, in fact, the largest gain among the … Read More

Catch-Up Growth in Schools and Districts

 Accelerated early reading instruction has opened the door to educational success in real school districts.For decades, educators have believed that low 3rd grade reading skills were an inevitable consequence of poverty and an insurmountable barrier to educational excellence for most children.  Today, school districts like Tazewell, VA and others in Southeastern KY and Southwestern VA have found a way to increase the number of proficient readers from well under 50% to over 70% with the intensive, systematic reading … Read More

Other Recommended Reading

Selections that we’ve highlighted over the years. Is Teaching to the Test a Problem? It Depends… Richard Phelps, author of the classic Kill the Messenger:  The War on Standardized Testing, has written an article featured in the Autumn 2011 issue of the Wilson Quarterly. Among other things, he notes that “most of the problems with testing have one surprising source: cheating by school administrators and teachers.” Click here for more.   Test, Testing, and Genuine School Reform In this 2011 book, … Read More

Danon Hooper: Recipe for Success

Lakeview Elementary The entire staff of Lakeview School is extremely proud and honored to be recognized by the Education Consumers Foundation for our Value Added gains. Lakeview School is a rural community Pre-8 school.  This year we have 358 students of which 49.1% are Economically Disadvantaged. The majority of our students are brought to school and taken home by their parents or other family members each day. Only about 1/3 of our students ride one of our two … Read More

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