Every year, public education pours vast amounts of money into self-congratulatory reports and public communications designed to strengthen and maintain a favorable image.  Smaller school districts have staff dedicated to external communications and larger ones host entire external communications offices.  Their goal is to inform, but they highlight successes and favorable events while minimizing anything that would detract from a positive image.  The result is that most local communities are selectively bathed in a stream of positive messaging and exposed to little that would suggest a need for heightened concern.

The effect is a local public that remains satisfied with their local schools despite objective findings that would inspire concern and greater attention to school board elections, district decisions, and school policies and actions.

Our mission is to avail consumers the facts and perspectives that they would want and need to know, and that role requires us to remain financially and otherwise independent of the education industry. To maintain that independence, we rely solely on the generosity of private donors from outside of the world of education.

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