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    from a Consumer Perspective
    • Was this school a good choice?
    • Why is my child behind?
    • Should my child be reading?
    • Is the problem my child or the school?
    We show parents, taxpayers and officials
    how to identify good schools &
    get the best from the rest.

Is this a Good School?

If your child is struggling, the problem may be the school, not your child.

What to Look for and Why

Whether your child is just entering school or has been enrolled for a few years, here are the kind of questions that ECF can help you answer:


  • Is this school a good choice?

  • Should my child be reading by now?

  • Should I be worried if he or she is not?

  • Is the problem poor learning or poor teaching?

✔       Monitor progress in reading and math

✔       Why you should check reading first

✔        Is it your child or the school?

✔        Negotiating with your school about curriculum,
instruction, and policy

The alternative to understanding school data is to take unnecessary risks with your child’s future.

Teacher Training and Classroom  Effectiveness

The disconnect at the heart of schooling failure

Going to the School Board