KIPP Academy Nashville

2013 Value-Added Achievement Awards Winner:   Randy Dowell, KIPP Academy Nashville First Place, Middle Division, Middle Schools Randy Dowell, Executive Director KIPP Academy Nashville 3410 Knight Drive Nashville, TN 37207 Davidson County Schools Visit website KIPP Academy was recognized for their accomplishment during a ceremony at the school held on April 22 at 4:15pm.

Consumer Empowerment

American Decline can be Reversed through Grassroots Action Public education has been decaying on the inside for decades. Educators blame poverty, poor parenting, changing demographics, the growth of hedonistic popular culture, insufficient funding, and myriad other factors. Seldom mentioned, however, is education’s failure to adapt and overcome these conditions. In the view of most educators, schools are doing all they can–an explanation that is contradicted by the measurable differences in effectiveness among teachers within the same school and … Read More

Value Awards Past Winners

Past Winners of the Value-Added Achievement Awards 2014 Elementary Schools Beth Roeder, Andersonville Elementary Visit website Click here for Beth Roeder’s Recipe for Success Teresa Leonard, Boones Creek Elementary Visit website Click here for Teresa Leonard’s recipe for success Renee Bernard, McPheeter’s Bend Elementary Visit website Click here for Renee Bernard’s Recipe for Success Tammy Hoover, Baxter Elementary   Visit website Click here for Tammy Hoover’s Recipe for Success Joe Thompson, Black Fox Elementary Click here for Joe Thompson’s … Read More

Sample Opinion 2

Value-Added Accountability and Public Confidence in Education J. E. Stone, Ed. D. House of Representatives Testimony to the Select Committee on House Resolution 495 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Tuesday, September 19, 2000 Introduction Good morning. My name is John Stone. I am a licensed educational psychologist and licensed school psychologist, and I have taught prospective teachers for the past 30 or so years. I am a graduate of the University of Florida and currently a professor in the College of … Read More