Lakeview Elementary

The entire staff of Lakeview School is extremely proud and honored to be recognized by the Education Consumers Foundation for our Value Added gains.

Lakeview School is a rural community Pre-8 school.  This year we have 358 students of which 49.1% are Economically Disadvantaged. The majority of our students are brought to school and taken home by their parents or other family members each day. Only about 1/3 of our students ride one of our two buses to and from school each school day.

Our recipe for success rests totally on the shoulders of staff members, students, parents, and community. Someone a few years ago lovingly referred to Lakeview as the “feel good school”. Lakeview’s staff members are a family. We work, play, laugh, and cry together. We love each other, our students, and our community. We have learned that we can accomplish great things together. We have also learned that when the educational road gets increasingly difficult, we can still work together for the success of each child. Our educational GPS is always recalculating.

As Lakeview’s Principal, I serve as leader, guide, and support for staff and students. I love to learn and help others learn. I bring new ideas, materials, and concepts to Lakeview’s teachers each year. Staff members bring their thoughts and ideas to me. We are truly a team. (One of our best ways to learn about new ideas, programs, and products is through networking. Lakeview staff is encouraged to be Common Core Coaches, attend Common Core Training, and attend other workshops and meetings. The Lead Conference is an example of a conference, which has always provided our school with a wealth of information and networking opportunities.)

Through the years, Lakeview’s staff and students have always had a reputation of educational excellence. We continue to be proud of accomplishments of the past, but always work to do an even better job each day. Staff members continue to focus on students first, communicating and teaching standards, paying attention to student “GAIN” and “Value Added” instead of just focusing on Proficient/Advanced, making data driven decisions using formative and summative assessment, and having a constant willingness to try, share, and use new ideas, materials, and strategies to benefit each and every student.

The following is a list of materials, activities, and programs used as educational tools by Lakeview’s staff in conjunction with effective standards based classroom instruction to help students learn and teachers teach at Lakeview School:(Study Island, Education City, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, Discovery Ed Assessment, Star Reading and Star Early Literacy, AR, NEO labs, Smart Boards, Studies Weekly, The Daily Five, PLC’s, on-going data analysis)