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“Since 2005” Reports on Educationfrom a Consumer Perspective • Was this school a good choice? • Why is my child behind? • Should my child be reading? • Is the problem my child or the school? Let Us Show You What to Look for & WhyWe show parents, taxpayers and officialshow to identify good schools &get the best from the rest. Go to slide 1 Go to slide 2 Go to slide 3 Go to slide 4 Go … Read More

Consumer Empowerment

American Decline can be Reversed through Grassroots Action Public education has been decaying on the inside for decades. Educators blame poverty, poor parenting, changing demographics, the growth of hedonistic popular culture, insufficient funding, and myriad other factors. Seldom mentioned, however, is education’s failure to adapt and overcome these conditions. In the view of most educators, schools are doing all they can–an explanation that is contradicted by the measurable differences in effectiveness among teachers within the same school and … Read More

Vicki Shelton: Recipe for Success – 2015

Lakeside Park Our recipe for success begins in kindergarten and emphasizes school culture and solid instruction. As Coach Pat Summitt writes, “Your focus better be on the small things and having the discipline and patience to do things right.” We focus on welcoming families and nurturing students. We focus on what we teach by identifying the most powerful standards and then we focus on how we teach. Instruction is always active and engaging. The teachers and their commitment … Read More

Renee’ Bernard: Recipe for Success – 2015

McPheeter’s Bend Elementary There are many factors that contribute to the success of McPheeter’s Bend Elementary. We have had excellent Value-Added scores for many years, but still strive to achieve more. I strongly believe Todd Whitaker’s stance that it is “People not Programs” that is the core of our success. The faculty and staff of McPheeter’s Bend Elementary School work together as a team to improve student achievement. Every day begins with a 120 minute reading/literacy block. During … Read More

2008 VAAA – Joppa Elementary School

First Place, East Division, Middle Schools Curtis Wells, Principal 4745 Rutledge Park Rutledge, TN 37861 Grainger County Schools Website here Recipe For Success: Improving student achievement at Joppa School required a drastic change in the focus of all involved with the education of the students. In general, the students, parents, faculty and staff members were very satisfied with the school and saw no need for change. Through data analysis, used in conjunction with the development of our School … Read More

2009 VAAA – Forge Ridge School

Third Place, East Division, K-8/Middle Schools Marty Cosby, Principal 160 Hill Road Harrogate, TN 37752 Claiborne County Schools Recipe For Success: Forge Ridge School is a K-8 school with 90.6% of the students economically disadvantaged. Our objective at Forge Ridge has always been to give each child the best education possible. As I tell my teachers at the beginning of each school year and throughout the year, “Students will achieve what is expected of them. We must have … Read More

2009 VAAA – Orchard Knob Elementary School

Third Place, East Division, Elementary Schools Marthel Young, Principal 400 North Orchard Knob Avenue Chattanooga, TN 37404 Hamilton County Schools Recipe For Success: Orchard Knob Elementary is committed to high achievement by providing rigorous teaching and learning for all students and creating a positive learning culture for everyone. Our mission and vision are accomplished through scaffolded professional development, vertical team collaboration, extended instructional days, professional learning cadres, opportunities for student and teacher empowerment, and partnering with the community. … Read More

2009 VAAA – Bethpage Elementary School

First Place, Middle Division, Elementary Schools Bill Johnson, Principal 420 Old Highway 31 E Bethpage, TN 37022 Sumner County Schools Recipe For Success: The recipe used to create Bethpage Elementary School is a combination of precious ingredients, each unique and wonderful, yet perpetually equal in the contributions they provide to the whole. If any component were deleted or allowed to eclipse the others, Bethpage Elementary School would cease to be the respected educational institution it is known to … Read More

2010 VAAA – Keplar Elementary School

First Place, East Division, Elementary Schools Sandra Vicars-Williams, Principal 1914 Burem Rd. Rogersville, TN 37857 Hawkins County Schools Visit website Recipe For Success: According to Robert Maynard Hutchins, “The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” That quote precisely embodies the vision of Keplar Elementary. We attribute our success to the utilization of all available resources, the belief that each child counts and can learn, and that the desire to learn … Read More

2010 VAAA – McEwen Elementary School

Third Place, Middle Division, Elementary Schools Vicki Spann, Principal 220 Swift St. East McEwen, TN 37101 Humphreys County Schools Visit website Recipe For Success: “At McEwen Elementary we expect nothing less than our very best.” Every morning selected students lead our entire school as we repeat that motto. We really expect students and staff to do their very best each day. McEwen Elementary is a Pre-K through fifth grade school located in a small rural community. We have … Read More

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