Lakeside Park

Our recipe for success begins in kindergarten and emphasizes school culture and solid instruction. As Coach Pat Summitt writes, “Your focus better be on the small things and having the discipline and patience to do things right.” We focus on welcoming families and nurturing students. We focus on what we teach by identifying the most powerful standards and then we focus on how we teach. Instruction is always active and engaging. The teachers and their commitment to focusing on clear objectives, time on task, modeling, guided practice, and checking for understanding are the main ingredients in our recipe for success. As Mike Schmoker writes in Focus – Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning, we narrow success down to what we teach, how we teach, and authentic literacy.

Lakeside Park has been recognized in the past as being in the top 6 to 10% of schools in Tennessee for educational excellence in achievement and/or growth in 2012-13, 2004-05, 2001-02, and in 1999-2000. While this reputation for excellence is wonderful, we know that this success requires hard work, and it is always under construction. Lakeside Park is honored to be recognized by the Education Consumers Foundation.