Value-Added Achievement Awards, 2009Third Place, East Division, Elementary Schools

Marthel Young, Principal
400 North Orchard Knob Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37404
Hamilton County Schools

Recipe For Success:

Orchard Knob Elementary is committed to high achievement by providing rigorous teaching and learning for all students and creating a positive learning culture for everyone. Our mission and vision are accomplished through scaffolded professional development, vertical team collaboration, extended instructional days, professional learning cadres, opportunities for student and teacher empowerment, and partnering with the community. Orchard Knob is a Reading First school and one of the original eight Benwood Schools. Both of these initiatives have helped Orchard Knob to implement research-based strategies and to analyze data regularly.

Each school year begins with a review of current TCAP scores that leads to the design of grade level Instructional Focus Calendars that are inclusive of state standards and resources. A twenty-day focus calendar is tailored for prescriptive instruction, preview and review, and extending the learning throughout the course of the school year. Additionally, consultant/client contracts are completed between grade levels to cultivate the learning between the grades. Continual assessments are administered to inform and drive the instruction. Our daily schedule provides more “time on task” to insure the quantity and quality of teaching and learning for all students. Student and teacher attendance is another area of importance that impacts school success. Reflecting on our practices and studying our trends has enabled us as a school to replicate our successes and improve our areas of need each year.

Other strategies and structures include:

  • 90-minute Reading and Math blocks
  • 45 minutes of common planning daily
  • Daily intervention and enrichment in core subjects
  • Saturday Writing Academy
  • TCAP Saturday Academy
  • After School Tutoring
  • Job-embedded Professional Development
  • Bi-weekly and Quarterly Assessments
  • Student Academic Competitions
  • Student Leadership Cadre “OKE Ambassadors” & Safety Patrol
  • Professional Learning Cadres
  • Weekly Grade Level Meetings with Administration
  • Support Staff: Literacy & Math Lead Teachers, Literacy Leader, Interventionists, Behavior Specialist, and Family Partnership Specialist
  • Celebrations & Recognitions

The commitment, enthusiasm and determination of the staff and faculty at Orchard Knob Elementary are focused on creating opportunities for all students and staff to expand their knowledge and achieve excellence!