TN: Are Your District High School Graduates Ready for College?

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The ACT is a college readiness exam that measures the likelihood of a high school graduate’s success in college. The test covers reading, math, science and English and uses multiple choice questions to predict a graduate’s chance of earning a B or C grade in four critical college courses. An individual’s score in each of the four subject matter areas are compared to College Readiness Benchmarks that ACT established from its studies of successful and unsuccessful students. The … Read More

Early Reading Success Predicts Later Educational Success

In most states, a school district’s number of proficient third-grade readers is highly predictive of the number of 8th graders who will be proficient five years later.  The significance of this fact is that 8th-grade reading skill is highly predictive of high school outcomes and preparedness for work and college.   In other words, third grade reading success is vitally important because it predicts the trajectory of a child’s educational career.  The above chart school district reading scores illustrates … Read More

Sue Clark: Recipe for Success – 2015

We meet regularly with Principal, teachers, guidance, librarian, and Instructional coach to analyze student data.  We divide students into groups with similar needs and assign them a tutor. We also use DEA results to make these groups.  Each student has a tutor or interventionalist targeting their specific needs.  Currently this year, we have implemented the RTI program to get students the extra help they may need.  Glendale has a large parent tutoring organization.  We also work with Belmont … Read More

Renee’ Bernard: Recipe for Success – 2015

McPheeter’s Bend Elementary There are many factors that contribute to the success of McPheeter’s Bend Elementary. We have had excellent Value-Added scores for many years, but still strive to achieve more. I strongly believe Todd Whitaker’s stance that it is “People not Programs” that is the core of our success. The faculty and staff of McPheeter’s Bend Elementary School work together as a team to improve student achievement. Every day begins with a 120 minute reading/literacy block. During … Read More

Misdirected Teaching & Failed Reform

Misdirected Teacher Training has Crippled Education Reform Significant Improvement will Require Teaching that Agrees with State Policy Aims An online controversy about the impact of Common Core on teaching in grades preK-3 revealed an illusion that has crippled education reform for decades. Policymakers may think that educators disagree with them only about the means to education reform. In truth, they also disagree about the ends. Since the 1983 Nation at Risk report, state and national policymakers have set … Read More

Are states reporting the truth about student achievement?

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) vs State Self Reports Are States Being Honest with Themselves About Student Achievement? The charts below compare the most recent National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) reports on reading and math achievement with the state self-reports required by the No Child Left Behind Act. The discrepancies are shocking and they clearly illustrate the need for higher standards, but not necessarily for Common Core. What these discrepancies more directly reveal is a continuing … Read More

Steps you can take

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Options for Parent and Citizen Action A school’s scores reflect your child’s risk of success or failure. At some schools, 90% or more of students have mastered reading by grade 3 and only 10% have not.  The national average, however, is around 33%.  Schools with a low percentage of proficient third grade readers will have a low percentage of proficient students in other grades and subjects. 1.  If it appears that your child is among those who are … Read More

2011 VAAA – Parkview Montessori Magnet School

Third Place, West Division, K-8/Middle Schools Melinda Harris , Principal 905 E Chester St Jackson, TN 38301 Madison County Schools Visit website Recipe For Success: Parkview Montessori Magnet School is a Montessori magnet school in Jackson, Tennessee. The school became a magnet Montessori school in 1992 and has grown from 88 students to over 300 with a waiting list! Our school is not zoned and students from anywhere in Madison county can register to attend. Students are randomly … Read More

2008 VAAA – Dickson Middle School

First Place, Middle Division, Middle Schools Johnny Chandler, Principal 401 East College Street Dickson, TN 37055 Dickson County Schools Website here Recipe For Success: Dickson Middle School has adopted the beliefs of some rather successful individuals in providing the best education we can to our entire student body. Coach Pat Head Summitt, coach of the Lady Vols, says, “Never Ever let anyone out work you.” We as a staff believe that is something we can always control. We … Read More

2008 VAAA – Joppa Elementary School

First Place, East Division, Middle Schools Curtis Wells, Principal 4745 Rutledge Park Rutledge, TN 37861 Grainger County Schools Website here Recipe For Success: Improving student achievement at Joppa School required a drastic change in the focus of all involved with the education of the students. In general, the students, parents, faculty and staff members were very satisfied with the school and saw no need for change. Through data analysis, used in conjunction with the development of our School … Read More

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