We meet regularly with Principal, teachers, guidance, librarian, and Instructional coach to analyze student data.  We divide students into groups with similar needs and assign them a tutor.

We also use DEA results to make these groups.  Each student has a tutor or interventionalist targeting their specific needs.  Currently this year, we have implemented the RTI program to get students the extra help they may need.  Glendale has a large parent tutoring organization.  We also work with Belmont University to tutor our kindergarten students. Our teachers work with the parents on tips to help their children at home.  We also use Study Island at school and home for remediation.  Our students are readers, and our library has Open Flexible Scheduling.  Our Encore teacher, for Gifted and Talented, also works with children on higher level thinking skills.   Students are encouraged to think through problems both in English and Spanish.  Glendale has after-school clubs encouraging thinking and problem solving through Legos and Architecture.  Our Art program emphasizes mathematical processes through lines, points, and planes in creating works of art.  Creative writing is also taught through our art program.

 Glendale is a Spanish Immersion school. Standards are high, as every student is expected to learn Spanish through the Math and Science curriculum.  All teachers are fluent and have lived or worked in another country.  The Immersion program has proven to enhance levels of meta-linguistic awareness, which has proven to be important to reading acquisition. Studying another language has shown to improve listening skills and understanding of their native language.  Students in Immersion schools have demonstrated academic success in all subjects area. According to research, students of foreign languages tend to score higher on standardized tests.

We love to learn at Glendale Spanish Immersion, each and every day.