MelindaHarrisThird Place, West Division, K-8/Middle Schools

Melinda Harris , Principal
905 E Chester St
Jackson, TN 38301
Madison County Schools
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Recipe For Success:

Parkview Montessori Magnet School is a Montessori magnet school in Jackson, Tennessee. The school became a magnet Montessori school in 1992 and has grown from 88 students to over 300 with a waiting list! Our school is not zoned and students from anywhere in Madison county can register to attend. Students are randomly selected through a computerized lottery selection. We are moving into a new building in the fall of 2011 in order to expand and accommodate our growing population.

Dr. Montessori believed in “preparation for life” and our school embodies that philosophy as we meet the needs of the whole child. We attribute our success to the belief that all children are individuals who can learn if given the appropriate support and tools. The faculty collaborates effectively and uses all available resources to meet the needs of our students. However, we understand that the desire to learn must continue beyond the walls of our school so we work diligently to involve, educate and collaborate with our parents.

Our staff works as a family unit to insure student needs are met. The principal, instructional coach and classroom teachers meet frequently to assess student needs according to TCAP and other formative assessments such as Discovery Education, DIBELS Benchmarks, Study Island and Accelerated Reading. Once data is disaggregated, instructional strategies are determined and implemented.

Peace education is also a key component of our school. Through the Montessori philosophy of education, peace and conflict resolution are explicitly taught, modeled and monitored as we work toward preparing our students for life. Our school is a community built on respect and we work diligently to prepare our students to be respectful citizens.

The belief that all children have individual needs that must be met is the driving force at Parkview Montessori. We continue to raise the bar for our staff and our students and collaborate constantly on how to provide a better learning community for our students and staff.

Through high expectations, respect and a collaborative sense of community, we take pride in our school and the work that we are doing to shape our students for success.