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“Since 2005” Reports on Educationfrom a Consumer Perspective • Was this school a good choice? • Why is my child behind? • Should my child be reading? • Is the problem my child or the school? Let Us Show You What to Look for & WhyWe show parents, taxpayers and officialshow to identify good schools &get the best from the rest. Go to slide 1 Go to slide 2 Go to slide 3 Go to slide 4 Go … Read More

Parents Should Challenge Their School Board About Critical Race Theory

Refocusing Schools on Their Academic Mission (Video Series) “If schools were doing their job, anti-racism measures would be unnecessary” These videos show that the racial and economic disparities cited by Critical Race Theory are created by the ineffective early schooling afforded economically disadvantaged children, not systemic racism. School boards focused on race in the absence of educational excellence should be challenged to fulfill their primary mission first.  Outcomes that are merely comparable to those of demographically similar schools … Read More

TN: Are Your District High School Graduates Ready for College?

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The ACT is a college readiness exam that measures the likelihood of a high school graduate’s success in college. The test covers reading, math, science and English and uses multiple choice questions to predict a graduate’s chance of earning a B or C grade in four critical college courses. An individual’s score in each of the four subject matter areas are compared to College Readiness Benchmarks that ACT established from its studies of successful and unsuccessful students. The … Read More

Teacher Ed Needs Accountability

Tennessee Education Schools Need Accountability, Not a New Report Card J. E. Stone, Ed.D. December 8, 2016 Tennessee has had a Teacher Preparation Report Card since 2007 and it has had no impact on the effectiveness of Tennessee’s newly trained teachers. The reason is that the sanctions promised by Tennessee’s $500 million Race to the Top grant were never implemented. As of 2015—the last year for which the number of “highly ineffective” teachers are reported–the state’s teacher training … Read More

Caught in a Vise: The Challenges Facing Teacher Preparation in an Era of Accountability

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Ginsberg, R. & Kingston, N. (2014). Caught in a vise: the challenges facing teacher preparation in an era of accountability. Teachers College Record 116(1). Online: Reflecting the view of most teacher educators, “Caught in a Vice” says that teacher educators hear all of the criticisms and are working diligently to address them. They are faced, however, with insurmountable technical problems in assessing teacher and training effectiveness. In other words, they are doing everything that the state of … Read More

The Uneasy Coexistence of High Stakes and Developmental Practice

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American Association of School Administrators Harrington-Lueker, D. (2000). The uneasy coexistence of high stakes and developmental practice.  Online: Written in 2000, the following well illustrates how schools and educators are affected by the propagation of faddish teaching practices.  In the eighties, states dropped traditional teacher-led instruction in order to adopt developmentally appropriate practice in grades K-2.  When school outcomes declined and test-based accountability was imposed to stop the slide, school leaders bemoaned the retreat from what they … Read More

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