Clear Teaching

Clear Teaching: With Direct Instruction, Siegfried Engelmann Discovered a Better Way of Teaching Written by veteran journalist Shepard Barbash over a period of 10 years, Clear Teaching is a well-researched, highly readable introduction to Direct Instruction (DI). Click here to download this book in PDF format along with a host of support materials, including directories of resources, a list of trainers, and much more; those wanting print copies can order them from Amazon or can contact ECF for bulk orders. Those wanting a print version of Clear … Read More

Motivating Students to Learn

Rewards help children learn but teachers are discouraged from using them. By Herbert J. Walberg & Joseph L. Bast To Reward or Not to Reward: Motivating Students to Learn The late Jere Brophy, a longtime Michigan State University professor of educational psychology, started the second edition of his 428-page tome titled Motivating Students to Learn with the following summaries of two opposing views about how best to motivate students: Learning is fun and exciting, at least when the … Read More

Other Recommended Reading

Selections that we’ve highlighted over the years. Is Teaching to the Test a Problem? It Depends… Richard Phelps, author of the classic Kill the Messenger:  The War on Standardized Testing, has written an article featured in the Autumn 2011 issue of the Wilson Quarterly. Among other things, he notes that “most of the problems with testing have one surprising source: cheating by school administrators and teachers.” Click here for more.   Test, Testing, and Genuine School Reform In this 2011 book, … Read More

Cherry Davidson: Recipe for Success

Donelson Elementary The recipe for success at Donelson Elementary is very simple: We have the right teachers in the right classrooms. As the principal of the school, I set the tone for the school and am responsible for ensuring that quality teachers are in place.  First, I have to hire the best teachers who meet the Donelson standards. “Donelson quality” teachers care about children, are strong with instruction, know how to disaggregate data, and use that data to … Read More

Danon Hooper: Recipe for Success

Lakeview Elementary The entire staff of Lakeview School is extremely proud and honored to be recognized by the Education Consumers Foundation for our Value Added gains. Lakeview School is a rural community Pre-8 school.  This year we have 358 students of which 49.1% are Economically Disadvantaged. The majority of our students are brought to school and taken home by their parents or other family members each day. Only about 1/3 of our students ride one of our two … Read More

JB Smith: Recipe for Success

Bridgeforth Middle School The Bridgeforth Middle School family believes that high achievement is the result of high standards and expectations.  These expectations begin at the top with Principal, Mr. J. B. Smith, III, and continue with teachers and students.  Constant monitoring of a myriad of components creates a feeling of unity among our school community and a desire for every single student to reach his or her potential. The key to our success is having a strong administrative … Read More

Tammy Hoover: Recipe for Success

Baxter Elementary I truly believe that there is no greater profession than that of teaching, molding young minds and spirits.  As principal of an elementary school that serves 64.92% of students who are economically disadvantaged, I am extremely proud and honored to receive this award. Every school has its own story to tell.  At Baxter Elementary, we believe students are unique individuals with different learning styles.  We believe data driven instruction and small group differentiation leads to academic … Read More

ECF Cost Calculator Testimonials

The ECF Cost Calculator: Praise from Educators and Researchers Everyone agrees that good teachers are important to learning; but when you see the dollar amounts brought to light by the Education Consumers Foundation’s online calculator, you begin to appreciate their true economic worth. There are differences of thousands per student and millions per school in the tax burden created by effective and ineffective teachers in the early elementary grades.  Third grade reading skills predict dropouts and minimally qualified … Read More

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