2011 VAAA – Lincoln Magnet Elementary School

Second Place, West Division, Elementary Schools Lynne Shuttleworth, Principal 425 Berry Street Jackson, TN 38301 Madison County Schools Visit website Recipe For Success: As principal of an elementary school that serves a 96% minority population, I am extremely proud and honored to receive this award for the third consecutive year. My faculty has worked diligently with our students to help achieve and continue this growth. Positive relationships and high expectations from the entire staff continually support our student … Read More

2011 VAAA – Lakeview Elementary School

First Place, West Division, Elementary Schools Dr. Susie Lee Hodge, Principal 5132 Jonetta St Memphis, TN 381092 Memphis City Schools Visit website Recipe For Success: Organizing and Scheduling The organization of the school day includes scheduling, assignments of duties and responsibilities, and establishment of professional learning communities, (PLC’s). The principal works with teachers to develop duties and responsibilities that support a climate conducive to teaching and learning. Teacher and staff expectations are communicated in written and verbal form. … Read More

Training our future teachers: Classroom management

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This report examines traditional teacher preparation in classroom management, which is a struggle for many teachers, especially new ones. It studies over 100 programs, both elementary and secondary, graduate and undergraduate. The report identifies the classroom management strategies that garner the strongest research support and looks at the extent to which programs teach and offer practice in these strategies in instructional and clinical coursework, as well as in student teaching. National Council on Teacher Quality (2013) https://www.nctq.org/dmsView/Future_Teachers_Classroom_Management_NCTQ_Report

National Board Certification: Is it worth the time and expense?

Studies pertaining to the effectiveness of NBPTS-certified teachers are ongoing. Here is a partial list. Advanced Teacher Certification http://www.education-consumers.com/Cunningham-Stone.pdf Evidence that there is any educationally meaningful advantage to certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is still lacking.  [Cunningham, G. K. & Stone, J. E. (2005). Value-added assessment of teacher quality as an alternative to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: What recent studies say.  In Robert Lissitz (Ed.). Value added models in education: Theory and applications. Maple … Read More

Learning Requires More than Play

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Success in school requires schoolwork.  Ask anyone who has succeeded. Parents, teachers, and all others who work with young people can make a huge contribution to both their educational success and their lifelong habits by teaching them to put school work before pleasure.  The alternative of permitting young people to be irresponsible in matters such as schoolwork and then expecting them to become self-disciplined adults is utterly unrealistic. Stone (2004) https://education-consumers.org/pdf/ECF_LearningRequiresMore.pdf

Developmentalism: An Obscure but Pervasive Restriction on Educational Improvement

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Despite continuing criticism of public education, experimentally demonstrated and field tested teaching methods have been ignored, rejected, and abandoned. Instead of a stable consensus regarding best teaching practices, there seems only an unending succession of innovations. A longstanding educational doctrine called “developmentalism” appears to underlie this anomalous state of affairs. Stone (1996) https://epaa.asu.edu/ojs/index.php/epaa/article/view/631

What Teachers Have To Say About Teacher Education

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“The professional courses exposed me to many philosophies, which were valuable, but I was totally unprepared for the impact of teaching itself.” The greatest weakness of the courses offered in teacher education programs, according to the survey responses is that they are so enamored of theory they are of no practical use. “Get rid of all those theory courses and replace them with subject-specific grade-specific strategy/methodology courses supported by the goals and objectives courses,” was the comment of a … Read More

About the Authors

Teacher Evaluation and Student Achievement (2000) by James H. Stronge and Pamela D. Tucker is part of the National Education Association’s Student Assessment Series edited by Glen W. Cutlip. It is not available online. Click here for purchase information. James H. Stronge is Heritage Professor in the Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership Area at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. One of his primary research interests is in educational personnel evaluation. He has worked with numerous educational … Read More

A Legacy of Blind Compassion

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An Occasional Paper by J. E. Stone October 15, 2004 Briefing Government mandated measures such as the No Child Left Behind Act and New York City’s program to retain failing third graders would be unnecessary if the grades contained in student report cards were accurate indicators of student progress. In practice, however, objective tests and remedial programs are needed because many teachers worry more about discouraging their pupils than providing an accurate report. They are motivated by a … Read More

Why Tennessee Won: Tennessee’s Watershed RTTT Reforms and the Race for the Rest

By J.E. Stone, Ed.D. President Education Consumers Foundation April 7, 2010 On March 29, the U.S. Department of Education announced that Tennessee was one of just two states to receive a Race to the Top (RTTT) grant in the first phase of the competition. Within minutes – before reviewers’ scoring notes had even been released – pundits proclaimed that stakeholder buy-in, particularly union buy-in, was the determining factor. Their take and their skepticism were not unwarranted. In our … Read More

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