Teacher Evaluation and Student Achievement (2000) by James H. Stronge and Pamela D. Tucker is part of the National Education Association’s Student Assessment Series edited by Glen W. Cutlip. It is not available online. Click here for purchase information.

James H. Stronge is Heritage Professor in the Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership Area at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. One of his primary research interests is in educational personnel evaluation. He has worked with numerous educational organizations to design and develop evaluation systems for teachers and support personnel. He is the author or co-author of numerous articles, books, and technical reports on teacher, administration, and support personnel evaluation. His authored or edited publications include the books Evaluating Professional Support Personnel in Education (Sage Publications), Evaluation Handbook for Professional Support Personnel (Center for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation), and Evaluating Teaching: A Guide to Current Thinking and Best Practice (Corein Press). Stronge served as director of the Evaluating Professional Suppport Personnel project conducted by the Center for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation (CREATE). Currently, he is associate editor of the Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education. He received his doctorate in educational administration and planning from the University of Alabama. He has been a teacher, counselor, and district-level administrator.

Pamela D. Tucker is an assistant professor of education at the University of Virginia and Director of the Principal Internship Program in the Curry School of Education. She earned her doctorate in educational administration from the College of William and Mary. Her research focuses on various aspects of personnel evaluation, including legal and ethical considerations, and the development of aspiring principals. She is co-author of a book, Evaluation handbook for Professional Support Personnel (Center for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation), and several articles, including “Legal Context for Teacher Evaluation,” “The Principal’s Role in Evaluating Professional Support Personnel,” and “Evaluating School Counselors.” Other activities in the area of personnel evaluation include membership on the editorial review board of the Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education. She served as co-editor with James H. Stronge of a special issue on the politics of personnel evaluation. As a special education teacher and former administrator in a school for learning disabled students, she has worked with a variety of student populations and has a particular concern for those most at risk of school failure. As an outgrowth of her experience as Program Administrator for the Virginia homeless education grant, she recently published “Enhancing Collaboration on Behalf of Homeless Students: A Multi-faceted Response to a Complex Problem” in theJournal for a Just and Caring Society.