PREPARED TO LEARN: How all children can reach grade level by 3rd grade

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 – 8:30am to 11:30am Nashville Hilton Downtown On April 21, more than 100 educators and community leaders gathered in Nashville to discuss how effective early childhood education can have a major impact on high school and postsecondary outcomes; the event was followed with a private briefing for legislators. Photos, PowerPoint presentations, and links to more information are provided below; streaming video of the morning meeting will be available in the next few days. Check … Read More

A Legacy of Blind Compassion

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An Occasional Paper by J. E. Stone October 15, 2004 Briefing Government mandated measures such as the No Child Left Behind Act and New York City’s program to retain failing third graders would be unnecessary if the grades contained in student report cards were accurate indicators of student progress. In practice, however, objective tests and remedial programs are needed because many teachers worry more about discouraging their pupils than providing an accurate report. They are motivated by a … Read More

Left Back: A Century of Failed School Reforms

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Diane Ravitch (2000) For the past one hundred years, Americans have argued and worried about the quality of their schools. Some have charged that students were not learning enough, while others have complained that the schools were not in the forefront of social progress. In this authoritative history of education in the twentieth century, historian Diane Ravitch describes this ongoing battle of ideas and explains why school reform has so often failed. “Left Back” recounts grandiose efforts by … Read More

Visible Learning

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John Hattie (2008) There is a wealth of educational research that shows some schooling and teaching practices (called evidence-based) consistently produce measurably superior learning outcomes. Unfortunately, teachers are rarely trained in the use of them. Instead, teachers are exposed to a variety of theories and prescriptions from which they are expected to pull together a teaching style that best fits their preferences and the classroom circumstances they confront.

Charter School Research & Advocacy

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Center for Education Reform (2014) “Charter schools do not inevitably succeed but they do incentivize better teaching and learning, and they do push competing public schools to improve.  Charters played a key role in Newark and the The Center for Education Reform can provide numerous other examples of success.”

2012 VAAA – Little Milligan

Third Place, East Division, K-8/Middle Schools JR Campbell, Principal 4226 Highway 321 Butler, TN 37640 Carter County Schools Visit website Reporting on the Award: Johnson City Press,Elizabethton Star Recipe For Success: Little Milligan Elementary is a Pre-K – 8 school in rural Carter County.  Of the 155 students, 88% are economically disadvantaged.  Our goal is to prepare our students to be life long learners so they will be able to meet the challenges of a quickly changing world. The success … Read More

2012 VAAA – Fairview Middle School

Third Place, Middle Division, K-8/Middle Schools Brian Bass, Principal 7200 Cumberland Drive Fairview, TN 37062 Williamson County Schools Visit website  Recipe For Success: Henry Ford once said, “A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” This award recognizes the continued success of Fairview Middle School to sustain value-added achievement over a number of years. However, the chief aim of our school will never be test scores. Rather, we are … Read More

2012 VAAA – South Side Elementary School

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”][/custom_frame_left] Third Place, West Division, K-8/Middle Schools Neal Wright, Principal 29855 Highway 104, South Reagan, TN 38368 Henderson County Schools Visit website Recipe For Success: The secret to our success at South Side Elementary School is willing students that are eager to learn and  a dedicated staff that strive to provide a positive, encouraging and productive environment that enhances learning.  Our staff works closely together to share new learning skills that will benefit our students.  Test scores are … Read More

2012 VAAA – Newport Grammar School

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”][/custom_frame_left] Second Place, East Division, K-8/Middle Schools Sandra Burchette, Principal 301 College Street Newport, TN 37821 Newport Schools Visit website  Recipe For Success: Sandra W. Burchette is the principal at Newport Grammar School (NGS), a pre-K through eighth grade school with approximately 800 students. NGS owes part of its success on being the only school within the Newport City district. This allows the director, principal, and board to focus their attention solely on the needs of a single … Read More

Funnix Computer-Based Instruction that Produces Catch-Up Growth

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New: Implementation Grants for Schools Funnix Reading Instruction Funnix is a web-based reading instruction program that you can access with your computer.  The program contains a carefully sequenced series of small lessons based on the thoroughly researched Direct Instruction reading curriculum.  It is inexpensive, effective, requires no teaching experience and is accessible anywhere from any location in the world. Funnix was designed for use by parents, but can be used by classroom aides, trained volunteers, and teachers with up … Read More

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