Soulsville Charter School – Value-Added Achievement Awards 2015

2015 Value-Added Achievement Awards Winner: LaMonn Daniels, Soulsville Charter School First Place, Western Division, Middle Schools LaMonn Daniels, Principal Soulsville Charter School 1115 College St. Memphis, TN 38106 Soulsville Foundation Visit website Soulsville Charter School was recognized for their accomplishment during a ceremony at the school held on Oct. 23, 2015 at 3:00 pm.

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Center for Education Reform (2014) “Charter schools do not inevitably succeed but they do incentivize better teaching and learning, and they do push competing public schools to improve.  Charters played a key role in Newark and the The Center for Education Reform can provide numerous other examples of success.”

Rethinking Special Education

(click here for full article) (Click here to download the PDF of this article) Edited by Chester E. Finn, Jr., Andrew J. Rotherham, and Charles R. Hokanson, Jr Washington,DC: Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, 2001.   Briefing Special programs for disabled students partly account for the poor achievement and the high and rising costs of American schools. Of course, programs for blind, deaf, and other children with scientifically evidenced disabilities are clearly justified. But most of the roughly 6.1 … Read More

Value Added Achievement Awards

How School Rankings and Awards Validated Data-Driven Improvement Tennessee has gained a substantial measure of reform success because of local and statewide public and policymaker awareness of the objectively measured increases in student achievement produced by local schools. ECF’s school rankings played a key role.  They drew public and educator attention to the otherwise long-ignored TVAAS data and gave public recognition to the schools that were producing superior achievement gains.  For the first time, public attention was drawn … Read More