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ECF has numerous tools to help keep you informed. Check out the links below for more detailed reports and articles. Direct Instruction Resources The Education Consumers Foundation has made available a great deal of information for those wishing to see real and dramatic improvements in reading proficiency rates. [small_button text=”Direct Instruction Resources” title=”Direct Instruction Resources” url=”/resources/direct-instruction-resources/” align=”left” target=”_self” style=”light”]   Policy Highlights: Tennessee’s Race to the Top Application Article about the “Significant Reforms Found in Tennessee’s Race to … Read More

Schooling & Society

ECF has numerous tools to help keep you informed. Check out the links below for more detailed reports and articles. Americans Know Very Little About Local School Quality A cheating scandal involving teachers in Atlanta has captured national attention and revealed a profound breach of trust in the public education system. [small_button text=”Local School Quality” title=”Local School Quality” url=”http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-perspective/060613-659072-americans-show-shocking-ignorance-about-local-school-quality.htm” align=”left” target=”_blank” style=”light”]   Reversing American Decline Resources Links America’s current economic, social, and cultural directions to decades of … Read More

Education Research

ECF has numerous tools to help keep you informed. Check out the links below for more detailed reports and articles. Direct Instruction: What the Research Says A list of the primary studies and meta-analyses regarding Direct Instruction, including a discussion of controversial findings. [small_button text=”Direct Instruction Research” title=”Direct Instruction Research Article” url=”/pdf//DI_Research.pdf” align=”left” target=”_blank” style=”light”]   A Bibliography of the Direct Instruction Curriculum & Studies Examining its Efficacy Studies involving Direct Instruction curricula and its implementation have been … Read More

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Our general contact information is as follows: Education Consumers Foundation 1629 K St. N.W. Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006 Phone: (202) 827-9468 ecf@education-consumers.org You can contact the following people for help on specific issues: J.E. Stone, Ed.D. President professor@education-consumers.org TVAAS and School Performance Data Interpreting Growth and Achievement Charts Proven Tools for Raising Achievement Proven Tools for Motivating Students Phone and web conferences Chart walkthroughs Ginine Argueta Research & Data Specialist ginine@education-consumers.org Questions about data displays or sources … Read More

The Tennessee Model

For the years that it was available, the Education Consumers Foundation collected and analyzed value-added data from the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS), the most sophisticated value-added system in the country. The data was used to identify and reward effective school leaders, help consumers determine how effective their local schools are, uncover information on the relationship between poverty and effectiveness, and identify practices common to effective schools. Below are a number of articles about how data and awards … Read More

School Performance Map

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The Education Consumers Foundation has produced an interactive map of Tennessee showing the location of Tennessee schools with information on achievement, growth, and poverty on a county-by-county basis.

School Districts Ranked by Teacher Effectiveness

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In Tennessee and a few other states, teacher effectiveness can be assessed on the basis of the student achievement gains of their students.  ECF has a chart that ranks school districts by the effectiveness of their teaching staff.  Selective teacher hiring and retention policies can produce a profile with a high proportion of exceptionally effective teachers. Although there are exceptions like the reports that were undertaken by the Los Angeles Times, value added performance data for individual teachers is rarely available to … Read More

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