Teaching Skill Under Scrutiny

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“Teaching Skill Under Scrutiny”   by W. James Popham Popham, W. J. (1971). Teaching skill under scrutiny. Phi Delta Kappan, 53(1), 599-602. Results of a recently reported series of investigations reveal that experienced teachers may not be significantly more proficient than “people off the street” with respect to accomplishing intended be- havior changes in learners. In three separate replications, groups of experienced teachers were unable to out-perform non teachers in bringing about specified changes in learners. This article … Read More

Issues in Public Education

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Policy Analyses by J.E. Stone, Ed.D. Research and Analysis A great deal of research and policy analysis is available and its ostensive purpose is to improve public education.  The problem, however, is that almost all of it is produced by and for educators, not consumers.  As a result, it tends to serve the aims and purposes of its educator audience, not those of the consuming public.  In general, the public want schools to produce better student learning outcomes.  … Read More

Policy Highlights

Tennessee’s Race to the Top Application Significant Reforms Found By J.E. Stone, Ed.D. President Education Consumers Foundation February 15, 2010 (click here for PDF) Introduction Tennessee can take justifiable pride in its Race to the Top (RTTT) application. It is a bold plan and it succeeds by ensuring that the key elements of schooling enterprise—governance, hiring, compensation, and training—all treat student achievement gains as schooling’s top priority. Even retention for tenured teachers is subject to job performance requirements. In … Read More

School Performance in West Virginia

West Virginia: Comparing schools and districts based on student proficiency The information below reflects the most recent data available to us; please contact us with questions or to request additional analyses. Analysis: Comparing schools and districts on third grade proficiency in reading and math The charts linked below allow you to compare schools and districts in West Virginia with their peers. The Y (vertical) axis shows the percentage of proficient 3rd graders in a subject; the X (horizontal) … Read More

For Media

About the Education Consumers Foundation The Education Consumers Foundation (ECF) is a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation chartered in Tennessee. It is a spin-off of the Education Consumers ClearingHouse (ECC)—an online consumer organization founded in 1995.  ECF is dedicated to representing the interests of parents. taxpayers, and their elected representatives.  Its mission is to improve public education outcomes through the use of research and policy analysis.  ECF is like Consumer Reports but focused primarily on education policy, practice, and outcomes.   … Read More

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