Reform of and by the System

Reform of and by the System: A Case Study of a State’s Effort at Curricular and Systemic Reform (click here for full article) (click here to download a PDF of this article) by Phillip A. Cusick, Michigan State University and Jennifer Borman, Brown University   Briefing It has oft been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and such is surely the case with much education reform legislation. Dissatisfied with the quality of student … Read More

How to Build a Better Teacher

To Build a Better Teacher: The Emergence of a Competitive Education Industry (click here for full article) (click here to download a PDF of this article) By Robert Gray Holland Senior Fellow, Lexington Institute Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 2003   Briefing Most education professors have a vision of education that differs radically from that of the primary consumers of public education. While clear majorities of parents, teachers, and civic leaders want K-12 schools to ensure basic skills — … Read More

Sample Opinion 3

Teacher Training and Texas Education Reform: A Study in Contradiction Public Education Reform in Texas, December 7, 2000, The Driskill Hotel, Austin, TX. Abstract Parents, policymakers, and taxpayers want schooling that equips students with the knowledge and skills that are vital to subsequent learning and adult success. Most professors who train teachers do not agree. They believe teachers should employ an ideal form of teaching called learner-centered instruction (LC) -an approach that works best with ideal students. The … Read More

For Media

About the Education Consumers Foundation The Education Consumers Foundation (ECF) is a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation chartered in Tennessee. It is a spin-off of the Education Consumers ClearingHouse (ECC)—an online consumer organization founded in 1995.  ECF is dedicated to representing the interests of parents. taxpayers, and their elected representatives.  Its mission is to improve public education outcomes through the use of research and policy analysis.  ECF is like Consumer Reports but focused primarily on education policy, practice, and outcomes.   … Read More

Second Opinion Examples

  A Report to the Nebraska Board of Education, September 9, 1999 Testimony to the Select Committee on House Resolution 495, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, September 19, 2000 Teacher Training and Texas Education Reform: A Study in Contradiction; Austin, Texas; November 7, 2000 Improving Teacher Quality in Oklahoma: A Closer Look, October 2001 (print version) Wasting Time and Money, Why So Many Nevada Students are not Ready for College, Spring 2004 Homeschooling in Nevada:  The Budgetary Impact, Spring … Read More

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