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Early-Education Teachers Need Better Training

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Stevens, K. B. (2015). Early-education teachers need better training. Education Week. Online: https://www.aei.org/articles/early-education-teachers-need-better-training/

“Conventional teacher training comes with a lot of baggage, and relying on it to prepare early educators would be a mistake.”

“A 2011 Thomas B. Fordham Institute study by Steve Farkas and Ann Duffett found that half of all education professors themselves think that “‘teacher education programs often fail to prepare teachers for the challenges of teaching in the real world.” That same year, the Obama administration issued “Our Future, Our Teachers,” a report declaring that “while there are shining examples of strong programs throughout the country, too many of our teacher-preparation programs fall short.” In 2013, the National Council on Teacher Quality published “Teacher Prep Review,” an exhaustive study of the nation’s teacher education programs, concluding that teacher preparation is ‘an industry of mediocrity.’”

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