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Who’s Gaining in the Race to the Top?


Ten Most Improved States on the Nation’s Report Card, 2011-2013

The fifty states (avg. enrollment ≈ 1M) were ranked like sports teams on the reading and math gains reported by the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Other NAEP participants (enrollment <90K) were excluded.

Ranks were scored: 1st place = 10pts, 2nd place = 9pts, . . . , 10th place = 1pt. Tie scores received the same rank and points. First place on all 4 tests = 40pts.whos

Tennessee was a runaway winner. Also scoring were NH=9; AZ & CO=8; NV=6; ME=5; NE=4; WY, NY, WV & DE=3; VT, MI, MA, IL & NJ=1.

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