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TN: Are Your District High School Graduates Ready for College?

The ACT is a college readiness exam that measures the likelihood of a high school graduate’s success in college. The test covers reading, math, science and English and uses multiple choice questions to predict a graduate’s chance of earning a B or C grade in four critical college courses. An individual’s score in each of the four subject matter areas are compared to College Readiness Benchmarks that ACT established from its studies of successful and unsuccessful students. The passing score for the benchmarks are: English = 18, reading = 22, math = 22 and science = 23.

The RED BAR on the charts below represents the percentage of high school graduates that meet all 4 benchmarks in a given Tennessee school district, i.e., percentage that is prepared for college success without remedial or developmental study. The BLUE BAR represents the percentage of economically disadvantaged students in the district. The GREEN LINE corresponds to the national average of high school graduates meeting all 4 benchmarks.

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West Tennessee
East Tennessee
Middle Tennessee

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