Since 2005, the Education Consumers Foundation has collected and analyzed value-added data from the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS), the most sophisticated value-added system in the country.

The Foundation has used that data to identify and reward effective school leaders, help consumers determine how effective their local schools are, uncover information on the relationship between poverty and effectiveness, and identify practices common to effective schools.

 Follow the links below to learn more about school effectiveness in Tennessee:


  • Testing in Tennessee: A Primer for Parents – While most states only offer data on their annual assessments of students, Tennessee offers both annual performance data and data on value-added achievement. This page explains both systems and highlights some applications of the data.
  • About TVAAS – This page provides a detailed overview of the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System.
  • School Performance Charts – The Education Consumers Foundation has collected effectiveness data on every elementary and middle school in the state and made that data available to the public in an intuitive and easy-to-use interactive format. Find out how your local schools compare to others in your district and around the state by going here.
  • Student Projection Reports – Schools in Tennessee can produce reports on the projected achievement of individual students and can make these reports available to parents. This information can help parents make course corrections in their child’s education before the opportunity has passed.
  • Value-Added Achievement Awards – In 2006 and 2007, ECF has recognized the principals of the most effective elementary and middle schools in the state. Winning principals receive a certificate, check, and flag at a ceremony held at the state capitol and co-hosted by Lana Seivers, Commissioner of Education in Tennessee. You can also go here to view a list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers on the awards program.
  • Value-Added Data Analysis – ECF has analyzed the relationship between school effectiveness and other variables, notable measures of poverty, to determine whether the financial need is a barrier to school performance. Go here to see what we found.
  • Practices of Effective Principals – In spring 2007, a researcher visited six of the most effective elementary and middle schools in the state of Tennessee; he reports on the common practices he found here.
  • Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations – The Foundation provides a glossary of terms and abbreviations found in Tennessee’s Value-Added Assessment reports.
  • Support for Parents, Educators, and the Community – links to additional resources for those interested in improving school and/or student performance.