Boones Creek Elementary

The Recipe for Success at Boones Creek Elementary involves various aspects of the student academic program and learning environment.

Boones Creek Elementary fosters the following practices in order to align the classroom curriculum:

  1. Teachers participate in Professional Learning Communities in order to discuss student strengths and weaknesses. Interventions are planned and coordinated on a daily basis.
  2. Teachers use best practices with higher- order thinking and problem solving strategies to reinforce skills taught.
  3. Time-on-task is a priority throughout the school

The most essential factor in student success is the TEACHER! The classroom teacher is the inspiration in student learning! The teachers at Boones Creek Elementary use many of the following practices to inspire student learning:

  1. All teachers have grade level planning collaboration daily
  2. After-school tutoring is available in reading and math
  3. Teachers send weekly newsletters to inform parents how they can assist academically with their child
  4. Annual parent workshops are held to inform parents of differences between academic growth and achievement on assessments
  5. Parents are invited to sessions to learn more about  various student assessments and how they are used
  6. Parents are frequently contacted by notes, phone calls and conferences
  7. Instructional assistants work one-on-one with students in the classroom to focus on deficits and enrichment

 These steps and procedures help to reinforce the schools motto “Children First”.