McPheeter’s Bend Elementary

There are many factors that contribute to the success of McPheeter’s Bend Elementary. We have had excellent Value-Added scores for many years, but still strive to achieve more. I strongly believe Todd Whitaker’s stance that it is “People not Programs” that is the core of our success.

The faculty and staff of McPheeter’s Bend Elementary School work together as a team to improve student achievement.   Every day begins with a 120 minute reading/literacy block. During this time, the students are immersed in non-fiction text and provided many activities and materials to reinforce the Common Core State Standards. For the struggling students, we provide an excellent Response to Intervention program in reading that strives to close the achievement gap. Our reading interventionist uses the Voyager program for Tier 2 reading and the Tier 3 student receives intervention by using theMy Reading Coach computer program. We use DIBELS as our universal screener three times per year and the students are progress monitored every week. Each child has an Individual Learning Plan where all data is recorded and their instruction is adjusted based on their individual needs.

The instruction at McPheeter’s Bend Elementary School is very active and engaging. Teachers use research based instructional methods to maximize student learning. The children love school and look forward to what their teachers have planned each and every day.

Our school is very small. We have approximately 100 students and one teacher per grade. While many would see this as a disadvantage, we see it as an advantage. Our school culture is warm, inviting, and nurturing. The size of our school allows for strong, supportive relationships to be made between students, teachers, and parents. These relationships foster success in the classroom.

Our school is honored to be recognized by Education Consumers Foundation.