Support for Parents, Educators, and the Community

For parents and others interested in pursuing improved student and/or school performance, the links below should serve as a starting point.

pbrocAn Overview of Resources from ECF

The Education Consumers Foundation website offers a great deal of information for parents and others interested in effective K-12 education. Download this brochure for an overview of what’s available, presented in a format that’s easily shared with others in your child’s school.

Books by Elaine McEwan

Former educator and administrator Elaine McEwan has written several books on school leadership and improvement.
These include:

Online Instruction

Two resources to consider:

Direct Instruction

Despite its proven effectiveness, Direct Instruction has not been universally accepted in education. Those familiar with the controversy, but unfamiliar with the method itself, may be surprised by effective it is, and how well-liked it is by parents and students.

Independent Achievement Testing

Other Resources