Black Fox Elementary

Theodore Roosevelt said it best “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Black Fox cares! It shows everyday in the classrooms with a wonderful and powerful positive environment that is safe and conducive to learning and is the platform for our success.

We evaluate every student in the school on both their academic and social/ emotional needs in monthly meetings with teachers, staff and Central Office personnel. It is this data that drives our focus to meet the needs of every student in our school. We plot where they are, where they were and where we hope to take them. We use formative, weekly and daily data to place students into intervention groups in Math and R/LA everyday that deals directly with the skills and standards that the child needs to master to be successful in school. We have trained our Educational Assistants to work with students under the direct supervision of the teachers and this creates many layered groups that reduces the numbers in each group so we can effectively meet the students at their instructional levels.

We hold weekly grade level meetings and discuss the whole child and multiply the impact through shared experience, knowledge and strategies to address the needs of our students. We coordinate after school tutoring for students and provide volunteer mentoring for dozens of our children that need a friend.

We only discuss solutions to a challenge and except no excuses. Excuses define failure and Black Fox is all about success. We look for solutions in scheduling, time to teach, focused instruction, discipline, and paperwork.

There is genius in simplicity. We break down complex concepts to there basic form and build understanding one child at a time.

Teachers are the key to success. Teachers make a difference in the lives of children! Their skill and their work ethic are necessary ingredients for success but just as  necessary is what President Roosevelt said,”No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Black Fox Teachers Care!