For those interested in learning more about DI

The Education Consumers Foundation has made available a great deal of information for those wishing to see real and dramatic improvements in reading proficiency rates. The resources below will help educators, legislators, school board leaders and others to learn more about Direct Instruction.


DI Policy Briefing

Progress in reading proficiency rates has stalled: Tennessee has seen a move of just three points (on a 500-point scale) over the past 20 years despite a major boost in spending during that period. It is time for school board, district, and community leaders to come together, recognize the primary importance of boosting reading proficiency rates, and look at new solutions to this old problem. This policy briefing walks readers through these issues and provides recommended steps for those interested in dealing productively with the problem.


3rd Grade Reading Proficiency Rates in Tennessee

These charts illustrate where 3rd grade reading proficiency rates in Tennessee are versus where they need to be. They present TCAP proficient and advanced scores from 2011 and are broken up into the three Grand Divisions of the state:


Video Clips of DI in Action

 It’s one thing to talk about the merits of a program like DI and the research basis behind it; it’s quite another to see it in action. DI is fun because success and achievement are fun, and these videos offer a firsthand view of teachers and students enjoying learning through this approach. In addition to videos showcasing DI in the classroom, this page also offers interviews with teachers, video case studies, and an interview with Zig Engelmann, creator of Direct Instruction.

DI Resources

The following documents offer a grounding for those interested in exploring DI further, including:

        • What the Research Says – A list of the primary studies and meta-analyses regarding Direct Instruction, including a discussion of controversial findings.
        • Available Programs – A list, with links and research references, to many of the key programs available today.
        • DI Resources – A directory of sites using DI, experts and academics, and key resources for those interested in DI.
        • DI Trainers – A list of trainers, consulting companies, and a word about the need for training.
        • What DI Teachers Say – Quotes from teachers experienced in DI.
        • DI Contacts in Tennessee – A directory of contacts in Tennessee familiar with DI.


Bibliography of the Direct Instruction Curriculum and Studies Examining Its Efficacy

This resource, from the National Institute for Direct Instruction, is an exhaustive listing (more than 1200 entries) of DI instructional programs in all subject areas using various instructional formats, a directory of efficacy studies (randomized and quasi-experimental design), and a compendium of publications and writing on Direct Instruction. Current as of October 2011, this bibliography is an invaluable resource for experienced practitioners and those just starting to learn about DI.

Clear Teaching – The Book

Written by Shepard Barbash over a period of 10 years, Clear Teaching introduces a systematic instructional approach called Direct Instruction (DI), which for more than 40 years has dramatically improved learning outcomes for students of all abilities and from all walks of life. The book looks at the development of DI through the early experiences of its creator, Zig Engelmann; explains the principles that underpin this approach; and looks at DI’s reception in the world of teaching, where it has been effectively shunned despite a formidable research base and example after example of transformative success.

Those wanting a print version of Clear Teaching can order it from Amazon or download this order form; those interested in bulk copies for distribution to staff, parents, community leaders or others can contact ECF for order details.

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