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Second Place, East Division, Elementary Schools

Suzanne Wampler, Principal
2125 Fairview Road
Morristown, TN 37814
Hamblen County Schools
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Recipe For Success:

We at Fairview-Marguerite Elementary believe that each child is a unique personality who is to be respected, is capable of learning, can be trusted, and can be taught to assume responsibility.  As principal, I am extremely proud of the staff and students who worked hard to achieve this award.  The staff is committed to making Fairview a place where student learning is an overriding priority.  They take responsibility for improving student achievement and building a community where all stakeholders take responsibility for school improvement.  Listed below are ingredients in Fairview’s recipe for success.

  • A safe, positive learning environment for all students and staff.
  • The recruitment of teachers who are committed to helping all students and will be a good fit for our school culture.
  • Data assessment team to determine strengths and challenges of the school as a whole, as well as the various subgroups.
  • Creating a schedule where teachers have input and where every minute of the day counts (bell-to-bell instruction)
  • Providing opportunities for teachers to collaborate with peers on instructional improvement.
  • District Instructional Coaches to work with teachers on effective teaching strategies, use of technology with students, and meeting the different learning styles of today’s students.
  • Teachers using data to drive instruction and individualized lesson plans to meet the needs of all students. (e.g. Think Link, DIBELS)
  • Support staff who work with students on skills identified by a supervising teacher.
  • Tutoring for students who have scored just at, or below proficient on the achievement test in Reading/Language Arts or Math.
  • Concerted effort to reach out to parents through teacher communication, positive phone calls home, weekly and monthly newsletters, and school website.
  • Communication, both written and verbal, in English and Spanish to assure that the entire community has the opportunity to be informed.
  • Parent nights to share technology and skills needed to assist their students in having a positive school experience.