First Place, West Division, K-8/Middle Schools

Brad Garner, Principal
322 East College Street
Dyer, TN 38330
Gibson County Special School District 

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Recipe For Success:

Dyer School is successful in student achievement due to the teamwork and school pride exemplified by faculty, staff, and students.

We have an established leadership team, which meets regularly to implement ideas.  This approach has allowed for teachers to gain more ownership into the implemented strategies.  Also, our schedule allows for common plan time among grade level teachers.  This has proved to be pertinent in our success, as we have a scheduled time to meet every two weeks, and many other unofficial times as well.

Furthermore, we place a great deal of emphasis on current data.  Certainly TCAP scores provide this, but even throughout the year, we utilize Thinklink.  We take these test online and gain immediate feedback.  Students take pride in their scores, as teachers conduct individual test-talks.  In these discussions, students set goals for the next test, leading up to TCAP.  So, students know where they stand, and where they want to be at year’s end.

Again, all of this requires teamwork, and the cooperation at Dyer School is certainly showing.