photo_suiteFirst Place, West Division, K-8/Middle Schools

Lex Suite, Principal
760 Highway 77
Atwood, TN 38220
West Carroll Special School District

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Recipe For Success:

West Carroll is both humbled and honored to have been selected by ECF as a Highly Effective School for the 5th time. Our recipe for success has always been based on good ingredients: Our teachers.

Our 7 th and 8 th grade teachers have worked together as an effective team for years. They have also done a good job of mentoring newer ones and incorporating them into a team concept. I observed early that their insistence on teaching the standards, their focus on student “Gain” and “Value Added” rather than simply “passing the test”, their use of formative assessments, and their constant willingness to alter their teaching methods and manner to benefit their students, is a recipe that an administrator need not shake or stir. As such, I’ve made a conscious effort not to be an overbearing presence in their kitchen.

A great team has its foundation with superstar players; and even a novice coach will let his great players play. I have that luxury with my teachers at West Carroll Jr/Sr High. If you have good teachers at your school, let their light shine!