TisaDayThird Place, West Division, Elementary Schools

Tisa Day , Principal
746 Lexington Street
Jackson, TN 38301
Madison County Schools
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Recipe For Success:

At Isaac Lane, we treat one another as family. Students and parents are greeted at the front door each morning and the car door is opened for the students as their parents pull up in cars. As you walk in the door there is a quote on the wall by Booker T. Washington, “ Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” We truly believe this at Isaac Lane Technology Magnet Elementary School.

Specific keys to Isaac Lane success are:

  • Capturing Kids’ Hearts is a positive behavior program which focuses on healthy teacher and student relationships that is a model used school-wide.
  • SITES-M (Strengthening Instruction in Tennessee Elementary Schools-Focus on Math) is a grant in conjunction with Educational Testing Services, Lane College, and our teachers that promotes best practices in mathematics. Teachers have professional learning communities with Lane College Math and Education teachers throughout the year and math professional development sponsored by ETS on Saturdays throughout the year and two weeks during the summer.
  • Technology Integration throughout the curriculum is used in each classroom. Each teacher has an Activboard that is used daily for instruction. Students also are exposed to a Math/Engineering lab once a week and a state of the art television studio daily.
  • Reading Emphasis is a priority at Isaac Lane. Most teachers have received 360+ hours of professional development in Reading over the past four years. All students receive 90 minutes or more of uninterrupted Reading instruction with all students receiving interventions. Individualized goals are noted for each student and activities are given to strengthen each child’s goal. Those students who are performing above grade level are given enrichment activities and some belong to an advanced book club focused on non-fiction chapter books.
  • Teamwork at Isaac Lane is imperative. Everyone is on a committee; teachers, parents and paraprofessionals, to strengthen our collaboration.
  • Extended School Care is operated in the school building for Isaac Lane students by the Boys and Girls Club of Jackson. Activities include help with homework, snacks, art activities and games. Teachers collaborate with the staff at the Boys and Girls Club to meet the needs of our students .
  • Parental/Community Participation is a vital key to student success at Isaac Lane. Parents are encouraged and invited to take an active role in their student’s education. Isaac Lane has an active Dragon Club for Parents and a Parent Center which provides many extras. Title I offers training for parents to enable them to successfully assist their child in school. Parents are expected to attend all conferences or home visits will be made to ensure that there is collaboration with each parent in the school. Isaac Lane faculty and staff realize that a necessary key to student success is parent-teacher-student collaboration. Our community partners in education are actively involved in the school improvement process and special activities during the year.

High achievement of all students is expected at Isaac Lane. There are achievement boards in the hallway that chart the success of individual classrooms. Our achievement test goals are also in the hallway to remind the student body and faculty of our shared goal.

It is the vision of Isaac Lane Technology Magnet Elementary School to provide the opportunities and challenges for each student to succeed as a lifelong learner in a changing world. Isaac Lane recognizes its role as a key contributor to the social, civic and economic foundation of this community. To achieve this vision, Isaac Lane ignites the hearts and minds of its students, staff, families, the business community and citizens.