TeresaLeonardFirst Place, East Division, Elementary Schools

Teresa Leonard, Principal
348 Christian Church Rd.
Gray, TN 37615
Washington County Schools
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Recipe For Success:

The Recipe for Success at Boones Creek Elementary involves various aspects of the student academic program and learning environment.

Boones Creek Elementary fosters the following practices in order to align the classroom curriculum:

  • teachers prepare an individual Pupil Learning Plan (PLP) for every student in grades K-4 with student academic strengths and weaknesses. The PLP include an interventions, assessments instruments used and the outcome

  • core curriculum skills are taught in a sequential order and adjusted DAILY to meet the needs of the students

  • principal reviews various student assessments throughout the year (ie., grade cards, Accelerated Reader, DEA results)

  • school-wide writing prompts are reviewed by teachers and the principal – individual student progress is reviewed and instruction adjusted if necessary

  • time-on-task is a priority throughout the school

The most essential factor in student success is the TEACHER! The classroom teacher is the “inspiration” in student learning! The teachers at Boones Creek Elementary use many of the following practices to insure student learning:

  • planning time is used with grade level collaboration DAILY

  • principal places experienced teachers with new teachers in each grade level to assure continuity

  • after- school tutoring is available in math and reading

  • student participation in reading, math, writing and art enrichment projects are encouraged

  • teachers in grades 3-4 use TCAP scores to monitor students within 10 points of proficient to prevent from sliding into a lower level. ALL students are expected to advance to another level on the TCAP test.

  • teachers send newsletters weekly to inform parents how they can assist academically with their child
  • parents are frequently contacted by notes, phone calls or conferences
  • student teachers and instructional assistants tutor students in the classroom
  • a Kindergarten Parent Orientation is conducted in the Spring before a student enters school to explain how to prepare their child during that summer