photo_suiteFirst Place, West Division, K-8/Middle Schools

Lex Suite, Principal
760 Highway 77
Atwood, TN 38220
West Carroll Special School District

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Recipe For Success:

Even as a multiple winner of a Value-Added Achievement Award, it is always a thrill to know that you have a tremendous group of teachers and students working towards a common goal.  In the past, I have noted that West Carroll teachers, in particular, have been effective because they bought into effectively teaching the state standards at an early stage.

However today, I would add to my recipe:  Vision.  I’m sure the first person who recommended turning wooden ships into metal ones, met with much scoffing.  Most practicums in physics show metal sinking in water.  However, with the proper craftsmen, this vision has become an even more effective practice.  What has continued our success is the teacher’s willingness to adapt, innovate, and  work towards teaching new GLE’s and “Checks for Understanding” that stress both formative and summative Assessments.  My teachers recognize effective innovations and “Best Practices” while effectively and quickly implementing them;  and they are to be commended.