photo_whiteSecond Place, West Division, Elementary Schools

Patricia White, Principal
9380 Highway 128
Savannah, TN 38372
Hardin County Schools

Recipe For Success:

The keys to Walker Elementary’s success over the last few years have been analysis of data to make academic decisions, high quality professional development, communication with parents, and a cohesive faculty and staff.

Since the late 90’s Walker Elementary’s goals have been data driven. Each fall our faculty meets to review data from the past year’s TCAP results. Changes are then made to our school improvement plan based on that data. These changes are evaluated throughout the year for effectiveness and revised as needed. This staff development prepares our teachers to meet the gains that are needed to keep achievement high.

Everyone – teachers, students, staff, and myself – are expected to do their personal best. Everyone at Walker Elementary is concerned with our children’s well-being and academic achievement. We are competitive. We want to be the best in our county and work hard to make that happen. Teachers attend research based professional development sessions suited to their needs. They incorporate the new ideas and methods learned into their lessons. Then they evaluate the effectiveness of these changes and adjust as needed. They make good use of their available teaching time and resources. Praise and reward are given to those students that academically and behaviorally do their personal best. Teachers encourage and motivate those who need an extra push to succeed.

Parents are kept informed of what their children will be doing each week through Monday newsletters. These include homework assignments, tests, and special events for the week. Some lower grade teachers send home daily a calendar that indicates the child’s behavior – good or bad.

At Walker Elementary, we are a family. All shareholders are important and have their unique place in what we believe to be one of the best places on earth for children.