photo_shuttleworth10First Place, West Division, Elementary Schools

Lynne Shuttleworth, Principal
425 Berry Street
Jackson, TN 38301
Madison County Schools
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Recipe For Success:

As principal of an elementary school that serves a 95.4% minority population, I am very proud and honored to receive this award for my school, my faculty, and my staff. Positive relationships, collaboration, aligned standards, and high expectations for individual student successes are the strengths behind our strong scores. Every minute in the instructional day is crucial. We maintain a safe, orderly environment for our students, dealing with interruptions and disruptions quickly and respectfully. The following are the ingredients of our recipe for success.

  • A flexible, dedicated faculty and staff that support and reinforce the goals of the administration.
  • A strong leadership team that meets on a regular basis to review policies and make decisions.
  • A school-wide discipline plan with rewards that address both short-term and long-term student behavior.
  • Formative assessments that are aligned with state standards and are given at regular intervals during the school year.
  • Constant data dissemination with consistent monitoring.
  • Documented student files showing interventions that target areas of need as well as areas of challenge.
  • Collaborative grade level team meetings on a weekly basis with the principal or the instructional coach.
  • An uninterrupted 90 minute reading block for the entire school, aligned with a 60 minute math block for all students.
  • High principal visibility with consistent evaluations, that assist the principal in knowing the indicators of teacher strengths as well as the areas that need strengthening.
  • We prefer teachers to teach in their strongest areas. They not only do a better job with instruction, but also motivate students with their enthusiasm.
  • We carefully choose new personnel that are strong academically, are team players, and are a good fit for the school culture. A wrong choice can be detrimental to a positive school climate.