photo_cooperThird Place, West Division, Elementary Schools

Tonya Cooper, Principal
864 Willoughby St.
Memphis, TN 38126
Memphis City Schools
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Recipe For Success:

As the proud principal of LaRose Elementary School it is my pleasure to share some of the practices that have contributed to our success. Our commitment to school improvement, with an emphasis on student achievement, has been the staple of our continued and sustained growth.

Some keys to our success include:

Engaging in intense data analysis sessions – During these weekly professional learning community (PLC) sessions, we review the results from test probes, technology based programs, and formative assessments to plan for instruction and professional development. Test probe data are presented to the team for review each week. The goal is for each student to master the skills with at least 80% accuracy. Formative assessment data are reviewed three times a year in an effort to track students’ progress. Another aspect of our professional learning community sessions includes using these meetings as a platform to simulate sample lessons and share literacy and math ideas across grade levels.

Maintaining balanced instructional blocks – Our teachers manage and maintain balanced and well-organized literacy and math blocks. Instructional time in our school is sacred. Teachers and students are expected to adhere to well-planned schedules. Within the math and reading blocks the implementation of small-guided groups and workstations, containing differentiated activities, provide meaningful engagement for our students.

Creating a support system – The Academic Support Team (AST), consisting of the principal, instructional facilitator, literacy leader, and counselor, offers support to teachers and students in every way possible. We serve a dual role as we offer support and also work to ensure our initiatives are implemented with fidelity. We are highly visible throughout the school and give regular feedback to the teachers citing commendations and recommendations related to instructional practices.

Additionally, we are careful to utilize scientifically based research materials and methodologies to support our work.

Under my leadership our school community has enhanced all aspects of student learning by building the capacity of educators and other stakeholders to assess, plan for and achieve student success. LaRose will continue working with stakeholders as we nurture a learning community that will continue to impact student achievement.