photo_sheltonSecond Place, West Division, K-8/Middle Schools

Lillian Shelton, Principal
1811 Ferrell Street
Humboldt, TN 38343
Humboldt Schools
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Recipe For Success:

At Humboldt Middle School we know that it is important to all work together in order to achieve maximum success in our school’s test results. One of the main goals that we strive for each year is to have our teachers meeting together and discussing goals that they are creating for our students. In addition, we always assign mentors to our new team members so that they can help monitor student progress and explain how to ensure that all standards are being met in the classroom.

Monthly meetings are scheduled where teachers from the same grade level and subject areas can meet and look at Think-link test results and discuss ways to use the results to optimize student learning. In addition, teachers are asked to share success stories from their classrooms in order to help other teachers use the same techniques in their classrooms. Communication and cooperation is emphasized at all meetings so that teachers can use the meetings to explore teaching techniques and really learn from each other.

By working together and setting high expectations for our students, Humboldt Middle School has created a exceptional “recipe for success”.