Value-Added Achievement Awards, 2009Second Place, Middle Division, Elementary Schools

Judy Goodwin, Principal
350 Barfield-Crescent Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37128
Rutherford County Schools

Recipe For Success:

Maintaining a positive school environment for students, staff, parents, and community is a cornerstone of Barfield Elementary School’s success. The typical employee at our school has a positive, upbeat attitude, a terrific work ethic, and a genuine concern for children. It is our belief that if we hold our students to high standards, we must be the role models for high achievement through focus, integrity, hard work, and learners, as well.

We believe that communication is critical to collaboration and problem-solving whether it’s between staff members, teacher and student, teacher and parent, or parent and child. Daily parental involvement is supported through the use of a student agenda which provides Behavior Tracking information, assignments, upcoming events, and student, teacher, and parent comments. As a result of these daily opportunities to communicate, parent involvement is extremely high at Barfield! Additionally, common daily planning times for grade levels in which “PLAID” meetings can occur facilitate sharing of instructional ideas, team decision-making, and strategic instructional planning.

Being able to analyze the results of frequent, common assessments to determine progress and areas of need is critical in order to provide effective instruction for all our students. Strategies are developed to both remediate and challenge each student in collaboration with team members, support staff, Response to Intervention, special education staff, ESL, and of course, our parents!

Barfield is blessed beyond measure by a supportive community, strong parent involvement, and an incredible staff that believes that, “We will do WHATEVER IT TAKES for our students to learn,” and this award recognizes the fulfillment of this commitment!