0134smFirst Place, West Division, Middle Schools

Lex Suite, Principal
760 Highway 77
Atwood, TN 38220
West Carroll Special School District
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Recipe For Success:

My college president told me more than once that the key to success is surrounding yourself with good people. That is the simple recipe for our achievement at West Carroll Jr/Sr High School. We have good teachers; and we have good students.

A good core of teachers has continued to work together over the past few years and analyze TVAAS test data as well as our target populations. I believe we have made important strides in early identification of economically disadvantaged subgroups. I think we have also had very good success with students with special needs. It has been important for us to not focus all of our attention on students who fall into the upper and lower quartile, but to spend equal efforts on students in the two middle quartiles. All students can learn, and I believe our “recipe” maximizes that.

West Carroll students, from our primary school to our high school teachers, also recognize the importance of standardized testing as well as the acquisition of the skills needed to be successful on these tests. Without daily efforts in the classroom, we would not be able to achieve as a school. It is truly a partnership between our teachers and students.

In conclusion TVAAS data is a great indicator of what is being taught in the classroom and what skills are being acquired. TVAAS data also indicates the amount of gain a student acquires in an academic year and fits into the assessment models by the State of Tennessee. I am honored for West Carroll Jr/Sr High to be recognized for our efforts with this Value-Added Achievement scores.