ScuddersmSecond Place, Middle Division, Middle Schools

Ronnie Scudder, Principal
134 SCMS Lane
Carthage, TN 37030
Smith County Schools
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Recipe For Success:

At Smith County Middle School, our faculty, staff, and students live by two quotes:

1. Strong Commitment Marks Success
2. Excuses are not acceptable. Failure is not an option. Excellence is our goal.

From the first faculty meeting each year until the last day of school, high expectations for student achievement and behavior are instilled throughout our school family. Our faculty and staff are constantly searching for the best methods to improve student achievement and the educational process.

As we focus on achieving the best possible result for each student, the first step we take each year is to identify students within various subgroups. Our faculty and staff spend countless hours dissecting assessment data, plotting student achievement, and using this data to make educational decisions.

Additionally, we feel that protecting teaching time and keeping students on-task have been major contributors to our success. There are few interruptions in the daily schedule and teachers are encouraged to maximize teaching time in their classrooms. Our staff has a firm belief: “It is not what you send home, it is what you do with them while you have them.”

Furthermore, we feel that using current technology and finding the best teaching methods are crucial to success in any school. We are part of an evolving, ever-changing society. This society uses technology in a variety of ways. Our school has incorporated the use of smart boards and projectors in most classrooms. Additionally, all students have access to two computer labs. Our teachers are encouraged to try new methods and challenge students with higher order questions and problems.

Staff development and collaboration are two final keys to the success of our school. Our faculty is provided with many opportunities to attend beneficial staff development. Also, collaboration among grade level teachers and various subject teachers ensure there are no gaps in the curriculum and state testing standards are being met.

In closing, we feel that Smith County Middle School is a safe, structured environment for student learning and achievement. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s educational process and ask questions when unsure. We strive daily to provide each student with the best possible education.