PierceysmThird Place, West Division, Middle Schools

Nelson Piercey, Principal
716 Westwood Avenue
Jackson, TN 38301
Jackson-Madison Schools
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Recipe For Success:

In general the staff at Tigrett Middle School is very professional. Teachers love the students in ways that extend beyond the classroom. They also love and take care of each other. It is my strong belief that a happy workplace is of paramount importance for all parties concerned, and we have been very fortunate to live in a happy environment at Tigrett.

Specifically, 4 factors have worked to cause Tigrett’s TVAAS scores to be good:

  1. Everyone attempts to protect instructional time with academics as our chief focus
  2. Teachers regularly collaborate within departments to sharpen instructional skills
  3. Teachers have a plan–very specific standards per grading period with coordinated assessments
  4. Administration attempts to handle discipline so that teachers can teach