0067smFirst Place, Middle Division, Elementary Schools

Mark Medley, Principal
104 East Main Street
Gordonsville, TN 38563
Smith County Schools

Recipe For Success:

Looking back on the accomplishments we have made at Gordonsville Elementary School, I have to first of all compliment our dedicated staff of teachers. Without them, such success could not be possible. Not only do they put the students first, they also have high expectations for them, and that is made known from the very first day of school.

A concentrated effort is put into academics, behavior, and an overall respect for each other, students and faculty alike. The teachers work well together and have created a family atmosphere in the school, which helps foster good discipline and a positive work environment which is conducive to learning. We are adamant about protecting instruction time. Many come in early and stay late to plan exciting lessons, and tutor students. They are constantly coming up with innovative ways of making learning fun for the students.

Another important reason for our success is the support we receive from parents and the community. Rarely have we asked for help from parents or community and business leaders that we did not receive overwhelming support. Many parents have worked tirelessly in our major fund raising activity each year, a Walk-A-Thon, that has raised tens of thousands of dollars for our school. This effort has helped purchase many materials that we feel have been beneficial to our students academically as well as socially. Businesses in the community are constantly donating to our school, and an excellent rapport has been established with them.

Without the community and caring, concerned parents, our success would not be possible. Through this network of support and cohesiveness, Gordonsville Elementary School has reached a zenith in its academic performance, and that in itself brings the pride that will help it continue.

Our system provides many staff development opportunities directed towards increasing student achievement. The central office staff is available and ready to help when called upon.

Through the efforts of all the people mentioned above, we believe that Gordonsville Elementary School is a great place to educate the children of our community.