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The ECF Cost Calculator: Determining the Cost of the Failure to Teach Reading

Reading failure is imposing a hidden annual surtax: Find out how much your schools are contributing to the problem. 
[small_button text=”Calculate the Cost” title=”EFC Cost Calculator” url=”/research-areas/consumer-tools/efc-cost-calculator/” align=”left” target=”_blank” style=”light”] [small_button text=”Background on the Calculator” title=”EFC Cost Calculator Background” url=”/research-areas/consumer-tools/ecf-cost-calculator-information//” align=”left” target=”_blank” style=”light”]


School Performance Nationally by State

Are the Schools in Your State Teaching Children to Read?
[small_button text=”School Performance” title=”School Performance Nationally” url=”/school-performance-nationally/” align=”left” target=”_self” style=”light”]


Growth Vs. Achievement Charts

For the first time, parents and interested others can compare the performance of their child’s school and others across the district or state through ECF’s interactive Growth vs. Achievement Charts.
[small_button text=”G vs A Charts” title=”Growth vs. Achievement Charts” url=”/achievment-vs-growth/” align=”left” target=”_self” style=”light”]


Tennessee Model School Performance Charts

The Tennessee Department of Education has given the public access to the school-level results of the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS), which indicates how effective a school is at helping its students learn.

[small_button text=”School Performance Charts” title=”TN School Performance Charts” url=”/the-tennessee-model/school-performance-charts/” align=”left” target=”_self” style=”light”]


3rd Grade Reading vs Poverty “Birdshot” Charts

Are Tennessee Schools Teaching All Children to Read? These charts show Economic Disadvantage vs. Third Grade Reading Proficiency in Tennessee Elementary Schools in 2012.
[small_button text=”Tennessee Birdshot Chart” title=”3rd Grade Reading vs Poverty charts” url=”/birdshot/TN_AchPov_Read/index.php” align=”left” target=”_blank” style=”light”]



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