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Training our future teachers: Classroom management

This report examines traditional teacher preparation in classroom management, which is a struggle for many teachers, especially new ones. It studies over 100 programs, both elementary and secondary, graduate and undergraduate. The report identifies the…

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Learning Requires More than Play

Success in school requires schoolwork.  Ask anyone who has succeeded. Parents, teachers, and all others who work with young people can make a huge contribution to both their educational success and their lifelong habits by…

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Here’s how a faulty educational doctrine has put the nation at risk.

Early childhood educators have begun to quietly move away from their long-advocated “developmentally appropriate practice” doctrine because it fails to serve disadvantaged children.  Tens of thousands of teachers and teacher-educators, however, know little else. Stone…

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Developmentalism: An Obscure but Pervasive Restriction on Educational Improvement

Despite continuing criticism of public education, experimentally demonstrated and field tested teaching methods have been ignored, rejected, and abandoned. Instead of a stable consensus regarding best teaching practices, there seems only an unending succession of innovations. A longstanding…

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Different Drummers, How Teachers of Teachers View Public Education

Professors say its how you learn, not what you learn is important. Public Agenda (1997)

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Why Education Experts Resist Effective Practices

Effective practices are ignored when they fail to comport with long-held beliefs held by educational experts–experimental evidence notwithstanding. Carnine (1999)

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The Schools we need and why we don’t have them

The romantic naturalism brought to public education by the progressive education movement continues to undermine effective schooling. Institutionally, it is preserved and transmitted through teacher training programs. In the views of teacher educators, there is…

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What Teachers Have to say About Teacher Education

The professional courses exposed me to many philosophies, which were valuable, but I was totally unprepared for the impact of teaching itself. Rigden (1996)

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Valuing Teachers: How Much is a Good Teacher Worth?

U.S achievement could reach that in Canada and Finland if we replaced with average teachers the least effective 5 to 7 percent of teachers. That degree of change in average teacher effectiveness would increase the…

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Kindergarten Learning Gap

Involving parents and caregivers during the powerful early learning years from birth to age 5 gives young children an equal chance at success. Lynn Fielding

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