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Tools for Rating Schools

ACT Profile Report

  For nearly a decade, states have sought to have all high school graduates meet a standard of “prepared for college or the workplace.”  According to ACT’s most recent report, only 27% meet that standard….

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Reading: Any US School

How well does your school teach children to read? In every city, state, and district, some schools are far more effective than their demographic peers. These charts will help you to identify the best schools…

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Fiscal Effect of Reading Failure: Any US School

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only a third of 4th grade students in the U.S. read at a proficient level.  Approximately 70% of the two-thirds who are not up to speed in reading…

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School Ranking Charts

Tennessee was the first state to systematically gather and disseminate district and school-level value-added data in 1995.  It was and is the most statistically sophisticated methodology in use.  The Education Consumers Foundation was the first…

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Achievement vs. Growth “Birdshot” Chart

Tennessee Growth vs. Achievement “Birdshot” Chart Tennessee schools are measured on two things: achievement, seen in TCAP and ACT results; and growth, seen in TVAAS (i.e., value-added) results. For the first time, parents and interested others…

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Are Tennessee’s Children Learning to Read?

Reading is the most essential skill that children learn in school. It is taught over a 4-5 year period that begins in preschool or kindergarten and extends to 3rd grade. Beyond 3rd grade, schooling turns…

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