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States Compared to International Standards

Phillips and AIR correctly argue that weak state standards serve to create a false sense of security about state educational outcomes.  In most states, school outcomes are distressingly weak compared to national and international standards. …

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Motivating Students to Learn

Rewards help children learn but teachers are discouraged from using them. By Herbert J. Walberg & Joseph L. Bast To Reward or Not to Reward: Motivating Students to Learn The late Jere Brophy, a longtime…

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Zuckerberg’s Folly? Not Really

The popular view is that the Newark reforms failed.  The New Jersey Department of Education data says otherwise.  Charter schools excelled and the projected reduction in dropouts and unprepared graduates district-wide will benefit taxpayers for…

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Is Tennessee really winning the race to the top?

In November 2013, a Brookings Institution blog questioned whether TN deserved to call itself #1 or even if its overall NAEP gains were accurately represented. ECF has called for a replay.  Our findings: In a top-ten style ranking based on a composite of…

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Reversing American Decline

From A Nation at Risk, 1983:  “We report to the American people that while we can take justifiable pride in what our schools and colleges have historically accomplished and contributed to the United States and…

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