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Graphic Tools Used in Tennessee

The success of Tennessee’s educational reforms have depended to a large extent on the easy public availability of credible and understandable school performance statistics, i.e., TVAAS, TCAP, and third-grade reading proficiency.

A key to impact of those statistics has been the interactive charts, maps, and graphics pioneered by the Education Consumers Foundation. Teaching and learning outcomes once known only to educators are now available online in easy-to-understand graphics.

In principle, school leaders have always been accountable the public. Today, however, there is a much greater practical reality to that principle and an awareness of accountability on the part of education leaders. Local parents, taxpayers and officials can track local school performance for themselves—without the cooperation or assistance of their school district.

Shown below is a sampling of the data and the graphics developed by ECF that has made that level of public accountability possible in Tennessee. It is a package graphic tools that can be expanded to most states.

Tennessee’s Value-Added Assessment

Since 2005, the Education Consumers Foundation has collected and analyzed value-added data from the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment system (TVAAS), the most sophisticated value-added system in the country. The Foundation has used that data to identify…

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School Ranking Charts

Tennessee was the first state to systematically gather and disseminate district and school-level value-added data in 1995.  It was and is the most statistically sophisticated methodology in use.  The Education Consumers Foundation was the first…

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Achievement vs. Growth “Birdshot” Chart

Tennessee Growth vs. Achievement “Birdshot” Chart Tennessee schools are measured on two things: achievement, seen in TCAP and ACT results; and growth, seen in TVAAS (i.e., value-added) results. For the first time, parents and interested others…

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Are Tennessee’s Children Learning to Read?

Reading is the most essential skill that children learn in school. It is taught over a 4-5 year period that begins in preschool or kindergarten and extends to 3rd grade. Beyond 3rd grade, schooling turns…

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Per Pupil Spending vs. Achievement Growth (by district)

As has been demonstrated in many studies, student achievement gains are unrelated to spending. The present graphic displays 2011 data from Tennessee.

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School Performance Map

The Education Consumers Foundation has produced an interactive map of Tennessee showing the location of Tennessee schools with information on achievement, growth, and poverty on a county-by-county basis.

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Poverty vs Achievement vs Gain

Economic Disadvantage vs. School Effectiveness Tennessee Elementary Schools – 2010

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Poverty vs Student Achievement

Economic Disadvantage vs. Student Achievement Tennessee Elementary & Middle Schools – 2010

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