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ACT Profile Report

  For nearly a decade, states have sought to have all high school graduates meet a standard of “prepared for college or the workplace.”  According to ACT’s most recent report, only 27% meet that standard….

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Zuckerberg’s Folly? Not Really

The popular view is that the Newark reforms failed.  The New Jersey Department of Education data says otherwise.  Charter schools excelled and the projected reduction in dropouts and unprepared graduates district-wide will benefit taxpayers for…

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Who’s Gaining in the Race to the Top?

Ten Most Improved States on the Nation’s Report Card, 2011-2013 The fifty states (avg. enrollment ≈ 1M) were ranked like sports teams on the reading and math gains reported by the National Assessment of Educational…

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How Effective are the Teachers in Your School District?

In Tennessee and a few other states, teacher effectiveness can be assessed on the basis of the student achievement gains of their students.   Although there are exceptions like the reports that were undertaken by the Los Angeles Times,…

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NCTQ 2014 Teacher Prep Review

How are the nation’s institutions that train tomorrow’s teachers doing? The second edition of NCTQ’s comprehensive Teacher Prep Review has the answers. This edition is one third bigger than last year’s, and features program rankings, so that…

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Issues in Public Education

Research and Analysis There is a great deal of research and policy analysis available on public education issues.  The problem, however, is that almost all of it is produced by people and organizations who are…

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